The Refactory team's main job is to maintain and improve existing software projects. We are really skilled in PHP/ Symfony but we can also after any problems you are having with Joomla components, HTML pages, CSS (Sass / Less) styles or JavaScript (React / Node / jQuery) apps. If you need help with other types of technology, contact us to give us more details and we'll see what we can do .


  • git (Bitbucket / GitHub / Gitlab) allows us to use code versioning so that we can guarantee safe and precise evolution of your project.
  • vagrant / ansible / docker allow us to create reproducible virtual development environments, and to create a safe deploy system for production server(s).


A successful software develoment project cannot be achieved without applying some agile methodologies. In details:

  • we use a Kanban (usually on Trello) to have a clear progress status
  • we work in Sprints (development sessions of 1-2 weeks) to define targets that are both realistic and quick to achieve
  • we create a testing stage so that features can be published and tested as quickly as possible
  • we organize frequent short meetings


We are hiring!