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Book review: “Refactoring JavaScript” by Evan Burchard

Just finished reading the book Refactoring JavaScript by Evan Burchard and I am extremely happy about it.

I stumbled upon it by chance, and I wasn’t sure it was exactly what I was looking for: turned out, it was. This book gives you a great many tips about refactoring AND a great many tips about JavaScript. We’re talking advanced, more-than-jQuery JavaScript here. So many concepts that slipped from my grasps for a long time were suddenly very clearly and concisely explained in a few lines of code. Well done, Evan.

It is also very enjoyable to read thanks to a light tone. If I really must find a defect, it’s that in a few sections the author offers too many alternatives, which may confuse a beginner which is already lost in the so-many-ways-to-do-it JavaScript world.

This book is a highly reccomended reading for any developer who writes JavaScript on a regular basis.

You can purchase the book on Amazon.