Frequently Asked Questions

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We are based in Brescia, Italy, but collaborate with companies and developers from all over the world.
Our core services include project monitoring, communications (mail and telephone), troubleshooting, and bug fixing. Additional work beyond the scope of these duties will be billed as per the contract information below.
Our base service is a flat-fee contract (3-month minimum) for project maintenance. This fee is intended to cover our availability and maintenance and does not include direct interventions. Additional work under 4 hours is billed hourly, as needed. For interventions estimated to take in excess of 4 hours, an additional quote is first presented for your approval and to give you an indication of potential spend. You are in no way bound to this additional work, but any and all invoicing is final.
If you are interested in working with us, please get in contact here. We evaluate each developer proposal on an individual basis, and if we believe we are well-matched, we’ll be in touch to further discuss the opportunity.