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Your remote development career at Refactory

Are you looking for a remote development job that allows you to work from anywhere in the world? Look no further! Refactory is a company offering positions in a fully remote work environment. Our team is highly skilled in a range of technologies, including Symfony, Vue.js, Yii, TypeScript, AWS. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into what Refactory has to offer and how you can become part of our talented remote development team.

This is what we have to offer:

  1. Fully remote: no office, no hybrid. We offer you the opportunity to work from the comfort of your own home or any location of your choice. Say goodbye to daily commutes and hello to work-life balance.
  2. Tech stack: if you are experienced in either Symfony, Yii, Vue.js or just plain PHP / JavaScript and if you’re eager to learn and grow in these areas, we have a place for you. We encourage continuous learning and support your professional development.
  3. Long running projects: Refactory is not technically a product company but we usually work on any project for a long time; that allows us to make a difference but monitoring, refactoring, optimizing and watching as the project improves and creates value for our customers.
  4. Platform presence: To make it easy for talented individuals like you to find us, we are listed on prominent remote job platforms such as and These platforms specialize in connecting remote job seekers with companies offering remote positions.

Here’s how you can join Refactory:

  1. Submit your application through our careers page; make sure to highlight your desires and expectations.
  2. Wait for our reply: If your application is selected, you will go through our interview process, which may include technical assessments and interviews with our team members. We aim to get to know you better and understand your potential contributions to our team.

Refactory is always on the lookout for talented developers to join our remote team. Our commitment to remote work is our contribution to your well being and to the environment. Get in touch and it may end up to be your smartest move yet!