Librarisk is a complex system consisting of:

  • an admin console for Librarisk staff
  • a CMS for municipalities to insert custom alerts
  • an API backend for mobile apps
  • an APP for final users.

Critical issues

  • There are a multitude of parts that need to be simultaneously monitored and maintained.

  • Any issue must be fixed within a short time as missing alerts may have a significant impact.

  • The project has a legacy design and code style but cannot be rewritten.

How we’re involved

We inherited the project from another software house and are now responsible for both the code and the infrastructure.

How we approached the project

Creating an efficient relationships with previous developers so we can get additional insights when needed.
Defining clear procedures for reports and requests and using shared to-do management tools.
Helping customer transition to this new system of reporting and task management.
Creating documentation and a shared test environment.