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Portostore is an e-commerce store that started as a food supplier for restaurants and bars before extending to serve retail customers via the home delivery of groceries.

Portostore is a complex system consisting of:

  • a tool to sync in real time with other internal management software
  • a backend panel for Portostore staff
  • an API backend for mobile apps
  • a modern frontend for retail customers

Critical issues

There are a multitude of parts that need to be simultaneously monitored and maintained.

The project requires quick responses and problem resolution.

A long-term technological strategy must be kept in mind throughout.

How we’re involved

We have been part of the project from the very beginning. We take care of monitoring, maintenance and implementation of all parts of the system.
We are also involved in the technical evaluation of any potential new system features and in the overall system design.

How we approached the project

  • Creating a relationship of trust with the Portostore team.

  • Using shared to-do management tools.
  • Defining clear procedures for reports and requests.
  • Holding in-depth discussions regarding any potentially dangerous system changes.

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