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Watchful is a system where web agencies can centralize management of their WordPress and Joomla websites.

Critical issues

Making sure the service is available at every hour in different timezones.

Keeping up with the updates and changes in the supported CMSes.

Optimizing the execution of a huge number of background tasks.

Finding ways to test a distributed and complex system.

How we’re involved

We have been part of the project from the very beginning.
We take care of monitoring, maintenance and implementation of both the backend and frontend.
We are also involved in the technical evaluation of any potential new system features.

How we approached the project

  • Add as much developer documentation as possible.

  • Insist on the usage of well-defined and consistent notification channels.

  • Constantly review metrics and logs to reduce the noise and increase their meaning.

  • Bring to the project infrastructure improvements and optimizations already learned elsewhere.

  • Join weekly assessment meetings.

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