At Refactory, we don’t abandon existing software. We like working on existing code. In fact, we specialize in it.

We’re happy to spend time decoding the underlying logic, no matter how complex or broken it may seem in the beginning stages.

Once we truly understand it, we can maintain and develop it – treating the project like a living organism, which needs love and care to grow and respond to new requirements

Who we work with

We support overwhelmed dev teams, substitute for sudden team departures, and help busy clients salvage important, dysfunctional projects.

For most developers, working on someone else’s code is neither easy nor enjoyable. It requires time, patience, adaptability, and an acute understanding of the underlying principles.

In fact, you may be tempted to give up on the project or even recode it entirely. But the truth is that rewriting the code from scratch is rarely the best option – especially if the project is functional. Instead, it needs refactoring.

Here’s what we can do to get things back on track.

What we'll do for you

Breakdown the underlying logic: we decode how your project functions - that means uncovering what works, what doesn’t, and what it needs to operate efficiently.
Create well-defined refactoring targets: we work in short sprints (1-2 weeks), allowing us to define short-term, realistic, and achievable targets.
Conduct feature testing: we’ve built a testing phase into our workflow process so that new or refined features can be launched quickly and without risking downtime.
Consistently monitor progress: we use a kanban board to give a clear idea of progress and development across each individual element of your project.
Ensure fluid communication: this is your project and you’ll be updated throughout. We organize frequent (but short) meetings and prioritize communication above all else.

Some of our projects


DSF is a web site and an online repository for athletes.

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Librarisk is a system that provides alerts on incoming dangerous events such as storms, rains, floodings and other natural hazards.

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Streaming room

Streaming Room is an application to stream online events, which offers viewers the possibility of interacting…

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