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Things that we love

For no particular reason, today we’d like to share what we like in Refactory, so that you may get to know us better. Ready to go? Here it comes.

  • A single, clear TODO list (Trello <3). We love to be able to erase our memory when we get home at evening and make sure the next morning we can clearly see what’s up.
  • Short and frequent 1-to-1 communication (Slack <3). We love to say, “hey, you got 5 minutes?” and fire up an Huddle right away. Makes things so much faster.
  • Automatic code formatting (PhpStorm <3). Ah, we’re a bit obsessed with projects being neat and a pleasure to work with, starting with an automatically formatted code base.
  • AI based code generation (Copilot <3). Let’s stop wasting time in writing actual the next obvious 5 lines of code and let the machines do what they’re best at.
  • YAGNI and KISS principles. Because they make your project and work better.
  • Small iterations (<3 <3 <3). Because they make your project and work GREAT! And also it’s a myst when maintaining several projects.
  • Carefully named methods. See YAGNI and KISS.
  • Debugging and refactoring. Because it’s FUN!! It’s like a game, it’s a challenge, it’s a battle against enthropy that keeps your brain healthy.

Lots of other things we’re happy to do, but these are the ones we really like the most. There, now you know. Have a great day!

Foto di Jamez Picard su Unsplash