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We’re not a software house

Refactory is not a software house. Sure, most of our work hours are spent coding, but what we actually offer is much more than that and it is not focused on the code. In order of what matters most, here’s what we provide.

  • Support: we promise to be quickly available to fix issues, provide answers, keep careful track of all tasks and make sure everything gets done.
  • Monitoring: we promise to setup and maintain automated tools that immediately warn us if anything is wrong, way before you or any final user will have to report a bug.
  • Maintenance: we promise to update, cleanup, document and take general care of your project so that it’s pretty maintainable at any given time.
  • Coding: once again, in the end coding is still a larger part of what we domost of that actually resolves to coding, but that’s a tool and not a goal.

This may sound like hair-splitting but the approach changes significantly, as we’re happy to code less: our misson and business model pushes us to make the project as much stable as possible. If we consider the income per hour of work, we win when there is little to do except ordinary maintenance.

Of course a healthy and used project will probably still change now and then due to new business needs, but those changes are much more easier and safer to do in a stable, updated, cleaned up code base.

That’s what we do. Still not sure? Feel free to ask for more informations.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash