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What does Refactory actually do?

Our company was born with a very clear vision: to take care of existing software project and make sure they continue to provide value.
Our name is only a part of the picture: refactoring is something we definitely do, but it’s not ALL that we do and it’s definitely NOT what we sell. What we sell is that we will take care of your software project.

Now, let me define what we mean by “taking care of a software project“, in order of priority.

1. BEING THERE. If I had to choose the most valuable part of our service, that’s support: being available when something goes wrong, or when someone has a question, or when the software owner wants to discuss new features. This is something we focus very much on, and try to tackle as fast as possible. Our customers should feel they can count on us whenever they need.

2. BEING ALERT. Monitoring is essential. We receive automated alerts when something is broken, e.g. a site is not responding, an error was tracked in the log, some metric is below or above a given threshold. Most of the times nobody needs to contact us to require our intervention, because we are already on it.

3. BEING KIND. Quoting Bryan Adams, everything we do, we do it for you. Everytime we work on the project, we try as much as possible to make life easier for ourselves, our customers and anyone who will work on it in the future. We keep libraries and other softwares up-to-date, we refactor and simplify the most complex parts, we apply best practices like versioning, documentation, automated tests.

As you may notice, technical knowledge and refactoring skills are barely mentioned: they are not what we sell, only a mean to make it happen. This way of doing things allowed us to define a very successful business model (which BTW is also good for SaaS, but this is a topic for another post).

Foto di Daniil Komov su Unsplash