13th September 2016

Symfony assets management: assetic:dump

I recently wrote about the assets:install command, but there’s a more interesting way to handle your assets: Assetic.
5th May 2016

Symfony assets management: assets:install

In your Symfony application there are bound to exist many assets (JS, CSS, and so on) either created by you or provided by third-party bundles. As part of your deploy procedure, you usually have to use some Symfony console command to actually make the assets available to the frontend of your application. Let’s start with the most basic solution: the […]
14th February 2016

Symfony parameters list

The Symfony parameters files are very neat but you should know how to use them. Let’s focus on how to keep track of the full list of your application parameters.
30th November 2015

Install Symfony app in a subfolder of an existing site

The request was simple: one of my customer wanted to have a Symfony app available as a subfolder of an existing site, i.e. Googling for it, I found lots of tutorials but each one of them failed to meet two specific requirements: I don’t want to edit the virtual host configuration the application folders (“app”, “bin”, “src”, “vendor”) must […]
6th July 2015

Symfony: i make the question, he does the answers.

If you want to make your web development simpler you only need to remember what the web is built on: http. The people at Symfony are really focused on this throughout all their documentation, and I totally agree.
16th June 2015

Create an epub with Symfony documentation

If you’re a good PHP developer you should know something about Symfony and what better way to do it than reading an epub? In this article I want to show you how to produce an epub with Symfony documentation for any supported version.
16th May 2015

RESTful API: the truth about POST and PUT

So up until now whenever I heard or read someone talk about RESTful API, I had this confusion about POST and PUT being somewhat interchangeable. But then again I thought, surely thery are not meant to be interchangeable, because in that case why create two different methods? It’s not like we’re talking about a programming language. Tonight I decided to […]
29th November 2014

Refactoring your code

Refactoring is an important skill in any successful developer tools. You should do it now, there are known procedures to do it and it all really boils down to a few important principles. Let’s review them.
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