DSF is both a traditional web site and a web application.

It allows the staff and the athletes to upload and share documents internally, and it also presents the project and the athletes to the public.

It consists of a lean, fast frontend based on Vue and a CMS backend based on Symfony + BoltCMS.

Critical issues

  • It had to be created FAST because of approaching deadlines, so we had to review our schedule and choose the tools accordingly.

  • The UI requirements are higher than most of our other project, so we had to work closely with UI designers.

  • Several people needs to use the CMS so it had to be super-easy.

How we’re involved

We built it from scratch and we’re now responsible for both the code and the infrastructure.

How we approached the project

Using the tools we had most confidence with and allowed us to have a prototype ready in a really short time.
Accepting that we had to be “super-agile” (requirements constantly changing as the customer defined the target).
Working in a close relation with the product manager, creating and fixing things often in a sort of “pair coding”.