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We monitor, support and maintain your web applications

New technologies or team changes can quickly result in orphan projects. Existing software becomes shaky, obsolete, hard to maintain.
At Refactory, we don’t abandon existing software. We like working on existing code. In fact, we specialize in it.

How Web Application Maintenance works


We setup several different tools that warn us immediately when something is broken or slow.


We create shared spaces to send, review and track issues to keep everything under control.


We perform regular updates and cleanup so the software never grows too bad to work with.

What our clients like most about our service

Watchful Logo

The team at Refactory feels like my own in-house team: excellent communication, a professional approach, clear deliverables, and a wonderfully pleasant and enjoyable working relationship.

Victor Drover
CEO, Watchful LLC

Portostore Logo

I feel good.
So far I’ve had all of the answers and support that I was looking for.

Marco Portolano
CEO, Porto S.r.l.

Land Salzburg Logo

The technical skills and human relationship.
I feel I gained a new friendship.

Christian Macher
Chief Technology Officer, LAND SALZBURG


The continuous contact via the ticket system – it makes me feel comfortable that, if there are any problems, the resolution is very fast.

Claudio Pinzi
Technical Consultancy & Academy Manager, I.V.A.R. S.p.A.

Inetis Logo

The personal involvement and ability to transfer technical insights to us, the creative and constructive suggestions, and the personal relationship.

Pierre-André Vuilloud
Project Manager, inetis SA

Emmegi Logo

The great availability.
They listen, reason with us and deliver the work.

Mario Parini
CEO, Emmegi Sistemi di Comunicazione S.r.l.

Exa Logo

The quality of implemented code. The desire to always do better, plus the honesty, transparency and the natural rapport built.

Stefano Dolce

Basilico Logo

The high level of confidentiality and
empathy towards client requests. An overall respect for the project.

Dharma Ferrari
CTO, Basilico srl

    Realistic targets

    We’ll work to understand your project inside-out, analyze it in-depth, then define achievable short-term goals that make a positive (and measurable) impact.

    Quick responses

    Thanks to several tracking and monitoring tools, we spot and fix issues really quickly, before they had time to produce any negative impact.

    Simple specs

    We provide short, jargon-free specifications, give you full access to our development process, and make sure we meet weekly to discuss progress and plan future changes.

    Have a project in need?

    Let’s discuss how we can help optimize your project

    From the Blog

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    So you have a valuable legacy project, huh?

    We’re not a software house

    Things that we love

    Your remote development career at Refactory

    Our business model

    Sustainable and predictable business

    Revenue distribution

    What does Refactory actually do?

    A look back to the latest changes in our team

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